Sunday, 11 November 2012

We Will Remember


The service at the War Memorial was lovely, but it was so cold!! A new name was added to the list on the Memorial. A Rear Gunner from Sanday was killed during the war.The aeroplane crashed in a mountainside near a remote French village in the winter.The villagers had to wait until the spring to retrieve the bodies.The parents would not believe their son had been killed, so would not allow his name to go on the Memorial. It was very sad. Recently his relatives asked if his name could be added, so today we learned of his story, saw his picture and at last his name was there for all to see.

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Monday, 15 October 2012


Alex Salmond

I'm back!
Today is the most important day in Scotland for over three hundred years. Today the terms for the Scottish Referendum for Independence was signed by Alex Salmond and David Cameron.

How will you vote???
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Sunday, 25 March 2012


When people ask me what my hobbies are, I immediately say patchwork, then beading and finally spinning/dyeing. Recently my granddaughter asked me for some pictures of our sheep for a school project, and I realised just how involved I am with them.
This is the first lamb born last year. The ewe had twins, but she rejected the second lamb, which was very weak, so my husband bottle-fed it.
Our ram was also hand-reared by my husband. The sheep are really friendly, and always come over to see what you are doing.
 I got given this fleece by one of the islanders. It is a Jacob/Suffolk cross. In the picture above part of the fleece has been washed and then it is carded on a drum 
The carded wool feels so soft, after it is taken off the drum carder. It can be spun on the spinning wheel. or felted.
 This is actually a felted bag shape (below), but I did not like it, so I cut a bit off, so that I can make a clutch bag out of it. I intend to embroider the flap.

 I also made some felted balls. One of them is embroidered and another has various types of material and thread embedded in it. I want to experiment more with these. 
 Remember last year I experimented a lot with Kool Aid and a crock pot and got some interesting results.?
 My granddaughters using a diz, so that it is nice and easy to spin.
 A variety of colours for selling.
 This year I have started experimenting with natural dyes, and I have organised a dyeing workshop to take place in June, with the tutor coming from another island. It should be great fun. 
I am amazed just how involved I have become with wool. Now I will just have to learn how to feed the sheep and it will be a full circle (and also please my husband no end!)
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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Last Update

This is the last update from last year (thank goodness I hear!)

My husband and I go to a Lunch Club for over fifties once a fortnight in the Community School. Once a month we get a speaker after the lunch, and at Christmas we have a slap up Christmas meal and a party. For the last couple of years I have written a sketch and my friends Irene and Jim help my husband and I 'perform' (if you can call it that!) This year Irene was given two saris from a lady, who was seriously ill. We based the skit on the poem 'The Green Eye of the Yellow God' and generally had a right carry on. We did not get pictures on the day, but dressed up again, so that we could send the pictures to the lady who was ill. You can see my daft husband dressed up as the Major. Unfortunately the 'Colonel' could not come.

I told you in this post about my adventures at the Burns night on the island, at the end of January. I got my picture taken and here it is in the paper -

Well, I think I have blethered long enough. The wind has risen again, but the dog needs a walk before I go to bed. Think I will have a read, before I tackle the elements.
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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Harrington and Hannah

You can tell I was really taken with the Raspbery Rabbit BOM that I talked about in my last post. I got all the pieces cut out of the lovely wool my nice friend sent from Canada. I do not usually follow a pattern exactly, and this project was no exception. I buttonhole stitched the pieces down, using my Bernina, embroidered a whipped backstitch for the arms and made sure I stitched crookedly on his nose - whoever heard of a snowman with a straight carrot nose? I added red beads to the French knots for the Holly,  more red beads on top of the snowman's heart and bright blue french knots for my rabbits. I really enjoyed this block.

We have had a couple of really nice days, quite cool, but the sun is shining!! I went for a walk yesterday along the track to another beach. Here is what I saw, when I got to the top of the dunes -

Usually this beach does not have any seaweed on it (or people). There must have been a storm out at sea.
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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Lookie, Lookie!!

I have often said how wonderful the worldwide blogging community is. I have made such wonderful friends, loving supportive and funny. Look what I got from two such lovely friends, one in Canada and the other in America -

These are pieces of wool to help me make the first block of the BOM from the Raspberry Rabbits It is a really cute block and I can't wait to get going.

My next parcel contained this little beauty with a card about friendship (it is up on my mantelpiece, so no picture!)
Isn't this absolutely gorgeous!! The crochet is so neat, and the colour is just right for my lounge. It is too nice to be hidden under a mug, so it is on proud display, where everyone will see it, along with another one I received a wee while ago. I am really blessed to have two such nice friends. They are always there.

We had torrential rain,yesterday, but I mustn't complain, because the rest of Britain is under inches of snow. The sun is actually shining, between the showers. The picture below was taken two days ago. I rushed out to get it, as we seem to have had rain for months, with the island having flooding in places never flooded before.
Sunrise on the Peedie Sea - tide out.

I am away to cut out a block .
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Monday, 30 January 2012

Catching Up and Burns

I still have a bit of catching up to do from my blog break. 

In December we always have a Christmas Sale here on the island. It is supposed to be for things that are made in Sanday, so we have handmade chocolates, knitted items, baking, freshly butchered meat and lots and lots of crafts. I decided I was going to take part for the first time since we moved here. I have always taken part in Craft shows, wherever I have lived, so I knew what it entailed. I wanted to make a lot of shopping bags and back packs with a fancy embroidery sign on it and the name of our island and some other miscellaneous crafts.

 These are my two tables, before I started setting up in the Community Hall. There were a lot of stall holders.

I did not get a chance to take a photo of the stall, before the sale started, because people started asking to buy things, as I was getting them on the stall. All  these photos have been taken about half way through the sale, when the initial rush had died down. You can see my husband having a rest. He always helps me out with my sales. He is great!!
 I not only made lots of bags, but I dyed silk scarves, knitted beadie bags, made wire jewellery, loads of earrings, aromatherapy material crackers, dyed wool packs, embroidered coasters (thanks!) and Christmas tree ornaments.
I sold a lot of things and had great fun. 

I was very quiet last week. I was asked to address the haggis at the Burns Supper. We usually have a meal and a dance, but this year we had a funeral on the day of the dance, so the supper was put forward a week, with no dance afterwards. I thought I would read the poem, but my husband persuaded me to learn it off by heart! I have real problems learning anything by rote, so I downloaded the free software, Audacity, to help me. You can record things easily using this software. I used to record the course material for the different exam subjects and export them as mp3s, when I was still working. The pupils could then revise their subjects using their Ipods. Much cooler than studying from a book! I used this software to record the individual verses of the poem, and gradually learned all eight verses. I practised in front of the mirror, and my husband kept on thinking we had unexpected guests, when he heard me talking to myself! I was really nervous on the night, but when I got to my feet, and saw the lovely haggis 'fillin' the groanin' trencher', I just let rip and had a good time. I have a West Coast accent, and as Burns was born on the West Coast, I had no problems with the pronunciation. I love Burns. He was such a perceptive poet, and had a naughty sense of humour! No wonder the lassies loved him!

On the tables, someone had thoughtfully provided a napkin with a translation of good old Scots words. They are not so old, as I was brought up with these words! Perhaps they were provided because there were so many English in the hall !
Here they are, with pronunciation in the brackets-
stotter (stoat-er) - excellent example
numpty (num-p-tee) - idiot, intellectually challenged
braw (br-AWW) - beautiful
skiver (sky-ver) - lazy person, shirker
cludgie (clud-gee) - toilet
wabbit (wah-bit) - exhausted, under the weather
crabbit (cra-bit) - bad tempered, out of humour
laldie (lall-dy) - to do vigorously, get stuck in
besom (biz-um) -hussy, female upstart
blether (ble-ther) - gossip, incessant chatter
clype (klipe) - informer, tell-tale
drouth (dro-oth) post dram thirst
wheesht (whee-sht) - quiet
eejit (ee-jit) -idiot, not the full shilling
clarty (cla-rty) - mucky, boggin'
scunner (scun-ner) - feeling of disgust or loathing
canny (can-y) -thrifty, wise
drookit (droo-kit) - drenched, soaked through
glaikit (glai-kit) - foolish, not very bright
fouter (foo-tir) - dither, to not get on with
mauchit (maw-kit) - dirty, filthy
haiver (hay-ver) - to talk rubbish
dreich (dreech) - dull, bleak, miserable
gallus (ga-luss) - bold, cocky, cheeky

Anyway, I think I have haivered enough! It is a right dreich night, enough to make you scunnered. I have got a drouth, so I will go and make a cup of tea and stop bletherin', in case I make you crabbit!
Till next time.