Friday, 27 September 2013

Flowers, Fungi and (F)Photos ...LOTS!!!!

I recently had changes to my jaw medication, and had a bad reaction - hence no blogging!
I was a bit concerned that our flowers were dying back in the garden, at the end of last month. I took a walk along the road verge in front of the bay, to see what I could find. These are the photos. There are a lot, but go and get a cup of tea and enjoy!



Hope you enjoyed the show.
Till next time

Monday, 16 September 2013

Giveaway Results

I'll bet you thought I had forgotten about the Giveaway. Actually we have had a really busy week/weekend, and my feet are only now touching the floor. 

I had great fun with this Giveaway, and I would like to thank Fons & Porter for asking me to do this on Daily Craft TV. I would also like to thank SewCalGal for allowing me to advertise the giveaway on her blog, the two ladies who helped me when I ran into trouble with posting, the participants of the giveaway and, finally, my husband who selected the winner from the pile of names in the bowl!! He was really excited, as he likes to read my blog, and he listens when I tell him what my friends are up to all over the world. He knows some of the ladies by name, and even looks at some of the pictures on their blog, when I stick my laptop under his nose. He wouldn't even let me read the winning ticket, until he had read it himself!!

So.... to the moment of truth..... Who won???????


LYNN from Nebraska Views

She has a great website, which I visit frequently, so well done, Lynn. Sorry the rest of you could not win, but maybe next time.
Till next time

Friday, 13 September 2013


It's been a really busy week. We had a dance on Saturday night, with a great band that played both Scottish and modern music. We then had one of the Orkney 'YES' ambassadors come over to visit us (this was about the vote for Scottish Independence), and then I had to go and see the specialist yet again in hospital about my jaw. This is also the last Soulka weekend for the year, so there are lots of talks and activities going on, but I was tired tonight, so we stayed home.
I also had an order for some scarves. I did not know what kind was required, so I quickly wove one, using all different types of fibre (see top picture), and then I dyed some silk ones.

 This is a bundle of the dyed silk scarves waiting to be processed. They are rough and have excess dye, needing to be washed.
 These two pictures show them processed and ready for wear.
 The last four photos show the pebbling effect on the scarves. I never know what effect this will have, and I just love seeing how they turn out.

Must go to bed. I am sleepy. Remember my giveaway ceases at 12 midnight GMT tomorrow night(Saturday). See the last two post for details of entering, and if you haven't entered yet..... why not?
Till next time.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Giveaway and Relaxation

Giveaway - just a quick note on the Giveaway I posted about last time. My friend, Cyn, emailed me to tell me that she was having trouble posting, so I have extended the time limit for you to have a go at winning a free video class on quilting from Daily Craft TV. The extension date is 14th September 12 midnight GMT. Read how to enter here.
Thanks to all my bloggie friends who helped me out with this, by testing my blog and blogging about the Giveaway. You know who you are. An enormous thanks!!

Orkney weather can be really unpredictable. When we moved here, I laughed when someone said you can have four different types of weather in the same day - hot sun, rain, high winds and cold - but it is true! As a result we have learned to take advantage of the weather, when it is good. My husband will down tools, without any warning, and take me a walk along a deserted beach, or we will have a picnic and then go paddling. These times are what lasting memories are made of. He is a sweetie!

After our last visitor went home, we decided to explore Cata Sands, the next bay to us. The sea fills and empties the bay twice a day, just like ours, but it is much larger, and, again like ours, the North Sea is on the other side of the dunes. There is a very expensive house way out on the dunes, and although we passed it, I felt I should respect their privacy and did not take any pictures. 

Why not come with me and enjoy the journey? Get yourself comfy in the back of the Trouper. We will do a little walking, but mainly just enjoy the scenery. Are you ready? Let's go.

The picture at the top of the page shows the bay and the dunes on the left hand side. A few years ago one of the biggest dunes disappeared during one of our famous gales. When it blows here, it really does damage!!

 Where the Trouper entered the bay.

To give you some idea of the size of the bay.

 Where we are heading.

 The way we came.
 Wildflowers everywhere...
 ...especially the thistle.
 The dunes on the left hand side.

 The dunes and gaps were covered in sea rocket. It smelled glorious.

 Over the dunes was the North Sea in all its glory.

Hope you had an enjoyable journey. It was nice having you along.

What a wonderful day.
What a wonderful memory!!
Till next time.