Friday, 3 April 2009

I am aware that my posts have not been all that interesting of late. I had imagined loads of references to sewing and patchwork, showing completed projects and lots of eye-candy, but instead I have been fighting a virus for a number of weeks, with no energy or concentration to complete anything. But I am feeling a bit better, so I am going to show an old project, which I completed last year.
On the island we have a Craft Club once a fortnight. Sometimes we have someone showing us how to do particular crafty things like knitting, crochet, patchwork, and on other occasions
we work on our own projects. Last year one of the ladies taught
us tatting. I had real problems with the shuttle, as my finger joints
got really sore. I went on the Internet and discovered you could tat using a needle instead of a shuttle - definitely my kind of work. I found two sites -


sent for some needles and I was away. I love needle cases, so I made one to house my tatting needles, as they are extra long. The needle case has two pockets on the inside covers, back and front, where there is only one pussy cat, and I attached a ribbon on a snap fastener after I had taken these pictures, so that I could carry a small pair of scissors safely with me. The scissors could easily be detached from the case, when in use. I enjoyed tatting and will do more in the future.

I probably will not be blogging much for the next week or two. I have nine members of the family coming to visit, so that should keep me busy. Hope the weather improves!
Till next time!


  1. Sure hope you get to feeling better before your company arrives. Take care of yourself!

  2. Well I never knew you coult tat with a needle either! I learned how in college but was not very good at it, so didn't keep up with it. Your needle case is sooo cute!

  3. I forgot to say that I"m sorry to hear your ill, I had something like that earlier this year and it took forever to get over it! Hope your feeling better soon.

  4. Hoping you're having a great time with your visitors and that the weather has improved as well as your health! take it easy when you can.