Friday, 8 May 2009

Penny Rug Completed.

At last! I have finished my penny rug. As discussed before, I bought this kit from a newsgroup, which sells unwanted sewing items. It was supposed to be hand  sewn with cotton perle, but I decided to use my Bernina 440QE. I had never used the buttonhole stitch before on a sewing machine. My machine behaved well until I went to sew the outside edges of the small pennies. It was not too happy, but I managed. Not perfect, but I got there. For anybody who is interested, I used the following info to sew the rug. (remember I always take a note of this info, in case I want to go back and do something similar). The needle was, in most cases, moved to the extreme right.

St No. Tension St Length St Width Foot No. Extra
Inner Pennies
161 4 3.10 4.00 20 Mirror Image
Outer Pennies (2 together)
161 4 3.00 3.8 20 Mirror Image
161 4 3.10 2.9 20 Mirror Image
Border for large Circle
161 4 3.00 3.8 20 Mirror Image

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