Saturday, 23 May 2009

Sewing at Last!

I love surfing the web, looking for ideas for things I can try, as I like learning. I have a lot of favourite blogs, which I visit every day. I was really tickled with the above picture and tutorial at Rachel has some really nice ideas, and she very kindly allowed me to show you the picture above, from her tutorial, here   

 I have already cut out squares of paper in varying sizes, to use up some of my strings, but the ones I am working on are 1.5 inches. I am using up a bunch of scraps I won in a giveaway a while ago from Artgirl (see The scraps are wonderful! Beautiful colours, and I am having fun!! The second and third pictures show some of the blocks I have got done. Only the black cotton is consistantly the same size, the rest are random cut.
Thanks Rachel and Leah for the inspiration!


  1. you are more than welcome.
    i like how you are using black.
    i can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. Rachel has great ideas and she's very generous too. I've never made string blocks but I sure like how they look. Another thing to add to the
    "make someday list"