Saturday, 3 October 2009

New Machine

I have spoken before about my new machine, here, the Bernina 630E. I try to do something on Loopy Locket every day, but I must be honest and say that the most I have sewn on her has been to do with teddy bear bags. They are almost finished now, and all that has to be done, is to collect the last of the bags from Lena and get them parcelled up. I can then clean up my studio and call it my own. I made an embroidered bag (and the bag) for my friend's birthday, but I am still a bit anxious about the embroidery unit. (I went to put a link for the bag and realise I have not posted about it - duh!!) I thought I would try out a bit of lace. I know this is really elementary stuff for people who use embroidery machines, but I was so excited, that I had produced this butterfly. I used two layers of wash-away stabiliser, and it worked like a dream. Big pats for Loopy Locket, and big grins for me!

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  1. I caught your name and location on the 430_440_630_640_730 blog. It was something about Kari, the Spider?; didn't see the first part. I really enjoyed your postings and love the swallow nest. I pulled up Google and looked for your location. I am in Arizona, USA, quite different than your neck of the woods. What a beautiful island! The history is fascinating. I am a painter/art quilter. You must have wonderful inspiration where you live. Jean