Tuesday, 20 April 2010


We have had our grandchildren for two weeks for the Easter holidays, and we have had FUN! Never mind the getting up at the crack of dawn, or the occasional mishap, look at the joy in the little one's face, as she races to beat the incoming waves. Look at the trust of the older one, walking out in the sea with Granddad. Who could want more? A lovely day,walking in the waves, playing with Granny and Granddad and to cap it all, a dog that follows you around and thinks you are the bees' knees! We had a wonderful fortnight, and the house seems awfully quiet now!

I spoke about the mini quilt swap in this post here. I was sewing out a practice piece, when the children saw me doing it. They wanted to do it too, so I traced out a daisy for each of them on a piece of white cotton, using a water-erasable pen. Here we all are sitting doing our sewing. The girls used tiny picture hoops to embroider.

They wanted to make little quilts for the teddy bear baskets they got for Christmas. They added borders and a backing, but there is no wadding (batting). Here they are with the completed blankets and a close-up. The older girl is seven and the younger one is five.

Thankful Thoughts
I keep on looking at all the people stranded around the world, because of the eruption in Iceland. The son of one of my friends is stranded in Australia and cannot get a flight till 7th May. Imagine how frustrated you would feel, not being able to get home. I do like travelling, but I LOVE coming home!!
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  1. Oh your granddaughters did wonderfully with their new quilts for the bears! I love them!