Tuesday, 4 May 2010

New Book and Some Sewing

As you know I am fascinated by old sewing machines. I learned to sew on my Granny's old Singer treadle sewing machine, and it took me years to stop yanking the material with both hands, when I got an electric machine, as the material stuck sometimes going through the treadle. I do not have that machine, more's the pity, but I have a lot of the feet from old Singer/Simanco machines, and I also have old machines as well. This book was fantastic. I was able to identify all the feet I have and learnt how they work. The book is well laid out and the pictures are beautiful. Well worth the money, if you are into old machine feet.

I haven't done a lot of sewing since the girls went home. My arm has been sore, and even although this does not stop me sewing, I have been feeling really tired and not wanting to concentrate too hard on anything. I did, however, dig out some very old material, to make some burp pads for the baby due at the end of June. Do you recognise the material, Robin? I was given this remnant of pieced material from a really nice and very talented lady I knew a long time ago. I cut out a piece of wadding/batting and quilted simple, straight lines down the strips. I then placed a backing, right sides together, and sewed all round the edge, leaving an opening. I turned the pad, right side out, and ladder stitched the closure.

I made quite a few. Some of the ones below have a raw edge. I am going to put on bias tape, but I have to wait to see whether it will be pink or blue. Recognise any more of the material, Robin? How many years has it been since you left Scotland? I never throw out anything - and it was so cute!!
I did go to the hospital yesterday for some physiotherapy, and I have damaged a tendon in my shoulder. This is aggravating the other problem in my arm, so hopefully a bit more physio and exercise will help.

Thankful Thoughts
I love flowers! I am not a great one for cutting flowers from the garden, but I love looking at them, and also taking pictures of them. They are so beautiful! So the question is - what kind of flowers are these? Remember, we live quite far north. We have a north wind at the moment, and it is quite chilly out of the sun. Any ideas? Look under the last photo for the answer.

TULIPS!! Aren't they beautiful?
Till next time.


  1. What pretty tulips - my tulips are almost done blooming now.

  2. I wouldn't have guessed those are tulips! Was thinking of another flower but can't think of the name right now. Very pretty!

    I wish I had my grandmother's treadle too! I didn't learn to sew on it but my sister and I played on it when it stood idle in the attic.