Tuesday, 22 June 2010


'What is this? What is she up to now?', I can hear you asking. I just can't believe it (IJCBI)!! Let me explain. I love blog hopping, and I also can't resist a Giveaway. I am usually not very lucky, but recently my luck has turned and I have won two Giveaways (see recent posts). When I saw a Giveaway at Rosa's World for 'chunks' of Civil War material, I was really intrigued. I have read about the Civil War reproduction fabric, but I have never actually seen any in real life. I entered the Giveaway, did not win, but Rosa contacted me and asked if I would like a bit, as I had never seen any. I was absolutely delighted! As well as doing this Rosa got me in touch with a delightful lady called Elly, who lives in the north of Scotland. She filled me in on all the patchy things, which were going on in the area. This was great, because I had been struggling to find any people who were as fanatical as I was about patchwork, and who lived relatively near. I was tickled pink. Then I got three parcels with Civil War material in them at the weekend. But what I couldn't understand was how these people had got my address? The next day I got some more, and to date I have had eleven letters/parcels with CW material, notes, letters and pictures!! I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!
The wonderful Rosa put my name on one of the newsgroups of which she is a member, and told them I had no CW material. When I got Elly's letter, I told Rosa and Elly that I was thinking of using the material for a doll's quilt. I think they must have burst out laughing! Rosa suggested I might want to think about a Dear Jane quilt. Last year I looked at the DJ quilt online and thought that anybody tackling 225, four and a half inch blocks must be mad. I must be mad, or Rosa must be very persuasive, because I have ordered the book, and Rosa is going to do a SECOND DJ quilt along with me.
I just can't believe that people have been so kind. Imagine! I have had letters from all over the world. The kindness has been overwhelming, and I am so touched. I would like to say a HUGE 'thank you' to Rosa, who has been the initial instigator, and has emailed me at least once every day with lots of info. I would also like to thank the following people for letters/parcels with CW material, notes, letters and pictures and especially all the good wishes - Elly, Diane, Caroline, Wenche, Beverly, Martha, PJ (no full name), Sandy, Mary and Dee. I can't thank you enough! I am having such fun looking at where the the letters come from, and even more fun patting the material, plus the bonus of stamps for my stamp collection! I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!
Till next time.
From a very humble and thankful tich


  1. Hi Rosemary,
    Rosa is just a wonderful person. She can get anything done she sets her mind to do.
    More fabric was sent out on Friday from South Florida. The fabric got lost in my garage, but that's another story...LOL
    I think I will attempt to make a Baby Jane along with the 2 of you. I started one many years ago and gave away all the blocks along with Dear Hannah blocks.
    Good luck with your Dear Jane.

  2. What a wonderful surprise!
    I have always known quilters to be a kind & generous lot! I'm very happy for you to be so blessed with such generosity!

    I too am doing my DJ in Civil War prints and I would love to send you some of my CW fabrics to add to your collection.

  3. *VBG*....

    It's nice to be spoiled! I would suggest you sit back and enjoy it, my new friend... *grinning, over here*


  4. How very exciting and lovely for you. Enjoy your fabric. I hope you get more done on the Dear Jane quilt than me. I once made a stack of blocks then changed my mind about the colours and made a small quilt instead. I have since started another but stalled after 15 blocks. When I have some UFO's out of the way I may just have another attempt xx

  5. Yes, Rosa, EllyD, and Frummie, are truly gifted, friendly, and fun! AND... they talk ya into stuff! lol
    Sounds like a great idea to make another DJ... well actually I only have about 50+ blocks done up [gave a lot away] in Green/Red for a Christmas DJ, but want to begin making a "real" one! LOL... who said that... who said that?? lol. Count me in, girlfriends, I'm on board too. A full-size DJ is at the top of my Bucket List.
    Want some CW fabric from California? I'll get your addy from Rosa & put it in the mail.
    Cyn; -)

  6. Okay, now I understand the civil war thing! Too cool! Look at how wonderful and generous people are. I'll send you some too if you send me your postal address!

  7. Finally playing catch up on reading blogs since I am relegated to the couch with my foot up and iced. I think that is just wonderful that you are getting these packages in the mail. What a great thing for people to do - wish I would have thought of it. Have fun with all that new stash.