Friday, 25 June 2010

Treats Galore

Edit - I was supposed to post this last night, but did not get it completed. As I am going out tonight, I will post this now.
The last few days seem to have been busy, busy ,busy. I have managed to get the baby quilt finished, the mat done and I have completed a few bibs and burp mats, but the cardigan is still languishing in the bag, without a collar, buttonhole bands and unsewn. What is it about knitting?

We had our monthly meeting of the Women's Institute last night. We have a new coffee house and bistro on the island, so we had the meeting there. The owner has a wonderful flair for interior design and the place was beautiful, with our table having a clear view of North Ronaldsay. The competitions this month were a buttonhole of fresh garden flowers and a Sanday sea view. For some reason my printer decided to play up. I had three photos I wanted to check, but I only got the above photo of our bay before sunrise printed, before the printer decided it wasn't playing anymore. I was in such a rush out the door, I forgot to photograph the nosegay, but I came third in both categories. The flowers were absolutely beautiful, and
I would have been hard pressed to pick a winner. The food was extremely good, with homemade soup, sandwiches and home baking. I went home stuffed - but it was GREAT!!

My Civil War fabric goodies are continuing. There are so many nice people out there.These are the ones that the postie brought, and I would like to thank Judy, Ava and Katie for their thoughtfulness. I would especially like to thank Katy, as she is nine years old, has been on the DJ forum for almost three years and she sews with her Grandma. The material she sent me was from her own stash. Isn't she wonderful?!! Thank you so much again.
Full of thankful thoughts.

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  1. Congrats on your third place prices! Wonderful! What is going on with the civil war fabric? I missed something... :-) Hope you are well!