Friday, 18 February 2011

Eilean Dubh – The Black Isle

One of my friends sent me a link to this new book. It is absolutely fabulous! The pictures have been taken in the Black Isle, within the county of Ross and Cromarty in Scotland. You can actually see all the photographs inside the book, by going to this link - HERE   Go get a cup of tea and enjoy the pictures, and remember to put the widget up to full screen size. The book goes on sale today, and trust me, the Black Isle looks just like the photos - absolutely beautiful!! (You can tell I am a proud Scot!), so this book will sell fast.

You can see more photos by the photographers, by going to their websites, here, here and here, and more importantly, you can buy the books from the photographers direct. I know this sounds like an advert, and that I am pushing sales, but I have no affiliation with the book, I just think it is amazing, and think it should be shown to as many people as possible. Scotland is beautiful, and this book shows a small part of it in all its glory!! I will now get off my box!! 

My back is a lot better, so a little hand sewing has been done. I will show photos in a couple of days.
Till next time.


  1. Thanks for the mention - we've all flattered. Unfortunately the book isn't yet for sale. We received the copies today but the binding was faulty and pages were falling out, so it will have to be done again. Most frustrating. In the mean time, enjoy the Blurb preview!

  2. Looks beautiful! Scotland and Ireland are so beautiful!

  3. John and I both enjoyed looking at the beautiful photographs.

  4. This seems to be a very interesting and beautiful book. Thank you for mentioning it, it will be a perfect gift for my husband who is a great fan of Scotland.