Saturday, 24 September 2011

Tana Lawn

 I have definitely lost the impetus to blog regularly. It is not that I have little to share, but that the time just seems to get away from me too easily. Anyway, I am on today!

You will remember, perhaps, that I was given a lot of scraps of Tana Lawn a long time ago - years in fact!
I decided I was going to make a log cabin with foundation piecing, drew out a block I liked and photocopied lots of this design. I only had scraps of the lawn, albeit some of them were a reasonable size. I really enjoyed puttering away at this, and laying out lots of permutations of the log cabin on the floor.
I sewed four of the smaller blocks to make bigger blocks and eventually got this -
Next I had to decide what kind of border I wanted. If I put on ordinary cotton, it would have been too heavy and eventually have made the lawn tear or wear badly. I decided on a piano key design, using the material I had -

The photo below, with my husband's feet sticking out, shows the top completed. It still has the papers behind the border, and these will not be taken out until I get round to sandwiching it, prior to quilting.
I have still got quite a lot of scraps left, so I might make another top in a different design - later!!
Till next time.


  1. I LOVE log cabins, Tich!!!!!!

    Tks for blogging - enjoying reading about your adventures, don't cha know, eh?



  2. It looks lovely - I bet it was fun to sew too.

  3. Super LC top! Fabric is really pretty.
    I hear ya about blogging... sometimes the time just gets away from us. I'm so glad you post, though, because I always love reading what you are up to!