Saturday, 22 December 2012

Storms and Floods

Last Friday the winds got up and we had a lot of rain. If it is a high tide and the wind is in the right direction, we get the spray from the waves flying over the road into one of our fields. My husband had moved the ram into new pasture, so all that could get wet were the geese. They enjoyed the flood that ensued and went swimming quite happily in their newly acquired pond. This happens every year and it subsides just as quickly as it arrives, so we don't worry.

On the Saturday the wind direction changed and the waves were now hitting the road past the bridge and round the corner from us. The wind did not seem particularly high, but the waves were spectacular. We had to go out at night and the road was completely blocked to a depth of two feet with stone and seaweed, so we about turned and got out the other way. Sometimes the road gets stone and seaweed on it after a storm, but I have never seen it as bad as this. I went along on the Sunday morning to take a few pictures. 
The council worker had been at it for hours, and he said the road had been blocked for 70 yards. It was the worst damage he had seen for years. The fencing on the opposite side of the road was broken, and one of the houses nearer the road has a curved dry stane dyke through the force of the stones hitting it. The storm had hit down the east coast of Scotland, so we were not the only ones to suffer. We have high winds and rain this weekend again. Never mind. The shortest day is passed and we are now heading to Spring!! I will leave you with a short clip of the stones being cleared (the council worker stopped as he was wondering if I wanted through) and some other pictures. Some can be enlarged.

Till next time.

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