Wednesday, 22 May 2013


As a few of you will know I have been having problems with my jaw and face for the last six weeks and have been sitting around not doing much.... but I did manage to read the above books (I am now just going on to read book six in the series) I do not like sitting doing nothing, so I decided to dig out a UFO. I knew it would have to be a very small project, as I could not concentrate for long. 

I don't think I could have found a smaller project!

This project was in a poly bag in the corner of my UFO drawer and had been there for AT LEAST seven years!!

I do not know where I saw the original design, but I do know the blocks were HUGE, at least 10 inches in height.

I like my blocks to be small....

... the smaller the better, so I redrew the block to 2.5 inches and the depth of the tulip head is 1 inch.

I must have been mad!! Look at the size of those corner triangles!! They are only 1/4inch long! And I must have been having a really bad cutting-out day, as all my seam allowances are dreadful!!

I only had three tulips to sew to finish, and all the material and templates were there, so I got going. I wanted the quilt to look like a garden, so once I had the tulips sewn togethar, I sashed them to make it look like paths between the flowers, and then sewed on green borders.

I then drew out the quilting design on a piece of paper. I wanted it to look like a snail was wandering round the garden - you can see him in the picture - sorry Blogger will not let me turn it the proper way. I was concentrating (or trying to) so hard to get the stitches even that I forgot to include the poor wee thing!

You can see a close up of the design above.

I don't usually use blue wash-out pens or purple fade-away pens for marking quilts, but this time I was going for the easy option. I used the blue wash-out pen, because I knew I would be washing the quilt immediately after I finished it. 

I washed it carefully and then soaked up the excess water from the quilt in a towel.

I decided to pin and block the small quilt just to see if it improved the look of the quilt, so I left it on the floor of the conservatory, where it gets nice and warm, when the sun is shining. When it was dry, I took out the pins and had a good look at it!



The red material leeched into the surrounding material!! I ALWAYS wash my material, when I bring them home, so I do not understand how this happened! the above photograph doesn't look too bad, but that is after I did this -

I put some stain removal on it and it did make a difference. I washed it again and reblocked and redried it, and this is the result -

I am a bit sad it is not perfect (and neither is my quilting), but it is one UFO off the list.
Till next time.


  1. Sweetie pie... if its any consolation.... Some people like the red leeched color.

    According to what I've read on the Net, it lends color, interest, a story to the quilt, a fascination that it wasn't perfect and the "looker on" can commiserate with you. Yeah, I know. Its crazy but humans aren't always sane! :-)

    I'm off to bed. LOVE your quiltlet, BTW!!!


  2. I'm sorry this happened, especially after all the work you put into this little quilt! I have also had a prewashed red fabric bleed onto a neighbor fabric. Unfortunately, it was a quilt I wanted to enter into a judged show. I was able to get the bleed to fade and its not noticeable. I keep telling myself that my quilt has character!

    Very impressed with your tiny pieces!

  3. I think it is a sweet little quilt! I have had the leech, but with green once upon a time. Glad you were able to fix it. Now it has a great story to tell.

  4. Rosemary,

    I didn't know about your being unwell. Just making that wee quilt would have made me violently ill. Shall we Skype or Facetime tomorrow. Email me and let me know a good time to reach you.

    Be well Sweetie.



  5. I had that same problem once with a miniature quilt. Every time I washed it out it came back when it air dried. I finally squeezed a lot of the water out with towels and took the tip of a hot iron and dried the area that wanted to bleed as quickly as I could and that kept it from bleeding out as it dried. It will never get washed again as I am sure it will bleed but for now it looks pretty good.

  6. I've had that happen with weavings I have done using hand dyed fiber. I learned that cotton needs extra care to really set the dye, otherwise, well, you know what happens. Glad you could fix it. It looks lovely!

  7. Amazing little quilt - so glad it's finished. Hope you continue to recover well and have more good days than bad...

  8. This litle tulip quilt is adorable! What great skill you have! Maybe if I ever started on a small enough quilting project I could actually learn how!