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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Yipee!! The Postie Has Been

The Postie came with a mysterious parcel!!

You will notice I am not starting this post with a picture, like I usually do!

OK! I won't be mean!
When my husband brought this in, I did not twig at first. I had not ordered any material, especially from Holland, and the parcel said it contained fabric!. I opened it up and read a wonderful letter from Anita. She was my swap partner for the Embroidery Mini Quilt Swap from Quilting Gallery We all had to embroider the same 4" x 6" daisy motif in the middle and then interpret the rest of the mini quilt according to our swap partner's wishes.
When I opened the parcel, this is what is inside. Isn't it just AMAZING!!!!! I left it up to my swap partner to do as she pleased - and I could not be more pleased! It is FANTASTIC, and the amount of work she put into it is amazing! I love the emboidery! I love the colours! I love the patterns!
As if making the mini for me was not enough, Anita made me a really nice bookmark, which will be well used (it is inside a book, as I type).
This is the quilt in its entirety, and -
I think, though it is really difficult to choose, this is my favourite bit. I love the bird and the pumpkins!!

Thankful Thoughts
I haven't been well for the last few days. My husband brought me this in today from the polytunnel, because i was feeling better - the first strawberry of the season! It was wonderful!!
I keep forgetting to update the 'Hundred Books in a Year Challenge'. I have five to do just now, and I am sure I have missed a few! Duh!
Till next time.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Topsy Bunny

This is Topsy Bunny. As you know I am a member of the local Women's Institute, and they have a competition at the monthly meeting. This month it was to make a bunny in any craft and to decorate an Easter cake. My idea of decorating a cake is to slosh the icing on the cake and eat it, so I didn't hold out much hope there, and had the girls staying, so I wasn't sure whether to do anything at all. They nagged at me. I dragged my feet, but on the day before the competition I dragged out some extremely old fur fabric, and started trawling the Net for a bunny pattern. I couldn't find anything! I used to make teddy bears, so I quickly drew out what I thought might work and started to cut it out. The girls picked out the material and the lace. Apart from the head being too short and having to be cut out again, it worked out not bad. I bought the little basket years ago, knowing I would use it sometime, the same for the artificial flowers. Topsy needed a bit a sparkle, so I found a piece of nice, bright red ribbon. I embroidered on the face and that was her finished. My younger granddaughter hinted very strongly that she could come home with her, but my husband got there first. He loves 'beasties', and would have the house filled with them!
It was my birthday the following day, so I made a cake with Easter eggs, chickens and chocolate drops on it. Much to my astonishment, I got a first for my cake and a second for Topsy. The lady who got first had cross-stitched four rabbits. It was gorgeous and a well-deserved first. She said she had had major eye problems in the middle of sewing it, so that made it even more of an accomplishment. Well done Anita!
Till next time,