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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Organising Work for On The Go.

I have had a really nice friend for a long time. Pam and I may not write or email each other every week, but I always know she is there for me. She is the type of person of whom you would say, "She has a lovely soul." Pam has just retired, and I am so tickled for her. Her work is a meticulous, no matter what kind of craft she does, and at long last she will have time to settle and do what she wants, without the constraints of work getting in the way. Her husband and his friend have booked up a Caribbean cruise for the two wives, and Pam and her friend are going to have fun relaxing in the sun, whilst knitting, sewing and doing Dear Jane. Yes. Pam has dug out her DJ book, after reading about my exploits, and is going to get going again. I promised I would show her how I organised my blocks for taking on holiday so here goes.

This is the most important thing. A cd case from the cheap shop costing £1.00

 The next most important things are my sewing supplies, which I keep in this beautiful huswif, which I told you about, from Petra.
 I have very roughly planned out my DJ colours, using the materials I have been given, and I reduced the plan, so that it was easier to fold into the first page. You will notice i have crossed some blocks off. I have now finished nineteen blocks.

I then select the blocks I want to take on holiday. For this, I choose blocks which will be hand pieced and not too difficult. Who wants to be wrestling with a difficult block, when you are supposed to be enjoying yourself in the sun? I scan the block picture from the DJ book, so that I know the placement of colour, and copy the pattern pieces. I pick my material, using the master plan at the beginning of the case. As you can see from the picture below, I have used freezer paper to iron on shapes onto the back of the material, so that I can then applique these pieces into position.
All the material, patterns and pictures are put into the separate sections in the cd case. This is popped with my huswif into my handbag or case, and I am organised.
Hope this helps.
Till next time.

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Little Happy Dance!!

Would you look at this !! My first Dear Jane block. I still have not got my book from America, but dear Rosa told me to cut out three squares, and I made my first siggie block. I have never made or seen siggie blocks either (haven't I led a sheltered life?), so I think life is going to get really busy in the future! I know it is a really simple block, but I feel as if I have made something really difficult. Daft, isn't it?
I have got really organised. I have my folder ready to hold all my finished blocks, and Rosa suggested I write a journal, not only about DJ, but also what is happening, whilst I am doing this. I am going to put in the little address labels from the packets I have been receiving, some of the nice letters, photos and cards. In future years I will be able to read it, and think of all the lovely people who have made this possible. I have had so many nice letters and cards of encouragement. Rosa has also got us organised with our Dear Jane Pages, so if you click on the button at the side, you will see my progress. There is not a lot to see so far. Hurry up book!!
You will notice I have not been putting 'Thankful Thoughts' on the blog. I am so thankful I met Rosa on the Net. I now have Elly, just a few miles away by (two) ferries. I also have three other ladies, Cyn, Frummie and Elaine who are part of the group. And then there are all the ladies who read Rosa's post about me. I have had parcels from all over the world, and they are still arriving. Look what the postie brought (our usual postie is so tired he is on holiday this week!!)

Just look at those lovely stamps, even before the packets are opened. During the long, dark winter evenings, my husband and I often get the stamp albums out. We are going to be really busy this winter with stamps from all over.

The experiences of the last few weeks have been made up of a lot of 'firsts'. First time of seeing Civil War material, first siggie block, first time of having overwhelming kindness from ladies I do not know. And now I have my first Australian magazine. Jeni saw Rosa's post and sent me the magazine and also some material from Australia. I would also like to thank Beth for the pretty material and card.
The weather here is lovely. As the school is closed for the holidays, we had our meal for the Lunch Club at the local hotel. It was really tasty, and I was stuffed! I spent some time in the garden tackling the nettles and dokens, working it off.
We are supposed to get rain tomorrow, so I took advantage of the good weather.
Till next time.