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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

New Buys

If you have been reading my blog recently, you will know I am on a 'mini' drive (no pun meant) just now. I bought this little ruler to help me. It is so cute. It is 2 1/2 inches square. I got it from Creative Grids Their service is really good, and they have a lot of new videos on their site, showing how to use their rulers. You also get a 10% discount card, if you spend over £30 (I think).
I also bought this plastic container from Ikea. I broke my Bernina Accessory box, not long after I bought my Artista 630E. It fell off the table, and I was so upset. It seems I am not the only one that this has happened to. I read the Bernina Yahoo Groups, and a few members have said that the boxes have broken. I bought the above box to hold all the Bernina feet and bobbins. It is great. I also have room for the thread I am using, scissors, pencils, rulers etc. It also bounces!!

Thankful Thoughts
We went over to Kirkwall on Monday, to pick up our granddaughters. It was a dreadful day, and the journey was awful on the ferry. I am not a good sailor, but usually I do not turn a hair on the local ferry. This time even the locals were lying down. That is the trick. If you are feeling sick, lie down. Fortunately there is loads of room, so I got there without mishap. Thank goodness. It is a glorious day, so we may go over the bay to have a walk, later.
Till next time.

Thursday, 12 March 2009


We have only four small shops on the island, more like old-fashioned corner shops, where you can buy a variety of things. The nearest supermarket is one and a half hours away on the ferry to mainland Orkney. During January to March we have a refit timetable for the ferries, so the hours on the mainland are severely curtailed, and often we are unable to book on the ferry for a particular day. This is part of island living, and we have become accustomed to going to the mainland and rushing around like scalded cats, trying to work our way through an extended shopping list. We usually go every six to eight weeks to stock up the cupboards.
Kirkwall has four charity shops, and I usually try to include at least two of these shops on my list. The last time we were over, I found a really pretty,small sugar bowl, which I could not resist. I do not like a lot of ornaments, (too much dusting, no time sewing!), but I knew I had to buy this one. I made a little pincushion to fit the top of it, using an idea from -
Whipup is a great site! I get so many ideas from it. I usually go on it every day, just to see what is happening.
I used the circular attachment for my machine to make the embroidery, but you can easily use a drawing pin and a bit of masking tape just as effectively. Seemingly you can use the letters on your machine to embroider circular words. Is this the next project?? Anyway, the nice thing about my sugar-bowl pincushion is that I can 'hide' my thimble, small piece of wax and a bobbin of thread under the pincushion, and they are all there ready for me to hand sew, when the notion takes me.
Hope you are having as nice a day as I am - from the gloriously sunny Island Hame.