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Friday, 8 January 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

The WI are holding a card evening tonight, and I was asked, along with other people, to bring a plate of savouries and a plate of sweet things. I thought I might as well do some extra, as the oven was on. This is the result -

A large quiche,
a dozen individual quiches,
a dozen sweet mincemeat tartlets,
a dozen sweet mincemeat pies
and a large sweet mincemeat pie.
Some will go to the card night, some have already been eaten, %-), and the rest will go in the freezer.

This afternoon I was also busy. I have been finishing off two presents for my granddaughters.

I bought these baskets years ago, knowing I would make bedding for them sometime. I made a mattress, a pillow and three blankets for each bed. Two blankets have lace, and the other blanket has each girl's name, embroidered with my lovely Bernina 630E. I also embroidered their names on ribbons, tied to the tops of the beds. Hopefully there will be no arguements as a result.

More Christmas ornaments -

A folded star. First one is in ribbon, which is not successful. The second one is in foiled paper.
This ornament is very scabby and falling to pieces, but if you were over sixty years old and shoved into a box for most of your life, perhaps you would be too! This is another war time ornament, cut out carefully and stuck together.
I did not finish this post before I went to the cards. All my pies and mini quiches were eaten, and I got the booby prize - some really nice napkins for the table. I am hopeless at cards, but I really enjoyed myself.
Thankful Thoughts
The bad weather in Britain is supposed to be worse tonight, with the temperatures going down even further. I am therefore glad that my fireplace is finally finished, apart from a tiny bit of cosmetic work, so we are really warm and cosy, even if the electric goes out. Thank You.
Till next time.