Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Battle of Culloden

I have been off the island for a week, so have had no sewing done (except for a little embroidery on my granddaughter's school shirts!) I thought I had better post something, or you would think I was neglecting you - :-D

This is a small wall-hanging of the events that led up to the Battle of Culloden. I am not going to give you a history lesson on it (go here if you want to know about it), but I have always empathised with it, because the battle was fought on my birthday - 16th April, and I thought the reprisals were an outrage! It was the last battle fought on Scottish soil. I do not feel comfortable on the battlefield, just outside Inverness, and it is sad that no birdsong is heard there.
The wallhanging shows-
Top Right - The Raising of the Standard at Glenfinnan
Bottom Right - The Raising of the Clans
Bottom Left - The Battle of Culloden
Centre - Charles Edward Stuart
Top Left - The bereft Highlander left onshore, watching Charlie sail away, never to come back again. (Will ye no come back again?) Parts of the block are 3D.
I entered a block depicting the bereft Highlander into a Quilters' Newsletter Magazine competition many moons ago, and was one of the winners. My block was in part of the winners' quilt.


  1. Very nice block and a late congratulations on it being selected by Quilter's Newsletter. I read the Wikipedia article on the battle and sort of understand it but not ever reading about it nor studying it before, I find it a little confusing.

  2. I can see why this was your most enjoyable small quilt project! What a great piece! Thanks for sharing it with Quiltmaker and our readers!

    Diane Harris
    Associate Editor, Quiltmaker magazine

  3. What an awesome quilt!! I really enjoyed reading the article, and have been interested in Scottish history just forever, for I am Scottish too, on my mom's side. Thank you for sharing this quilt!!