Thursday, 15 October 2009

Jelly Roll and Santa

This is one of the jelly rolls that I bought a while ago. I kept on mulling over what design to use and was actually quite anxious about opening it up and actually cutting it!
I was quite disappointed when I did open it up. The colours are just not me. The pinks are not my pink, and I do not like the blue materials. But this is good. It will get me out my comfort zone and make me work with materials, which are not quite me.
I intend to make something very quickly. It will certainly not be a masterpiece, and it will definitely not be as nice as I thought it would be.
But it will make me use materials I would never have thought to put together, and perhaps it will turn out better than I think. I hope so!! (Sigh!) I intend to start it in a week's time.

On a happier note, I found one of my favourite books of all time, unpacking a box last week (yes, I still have lots of boxes to unpack, after moving here two years ago!) -'Twas The Night Before Christmas'. I was given this book by my Mother for Christmas 1954, and to prove how much I loved it, scroll down to the next picture.
This is the centre page of the book, and the 3D tissue ball has no tears in it after 55 years.!
Till next time.


  1. Am looking forward to seeing what you make with your jelly roll. Don't you love those old books and it is especially nice that your mother gave it to you. Lots of memories there I am sure.

  2. What a wonderful old book! I can see you've taken care of it. I hope you enjoy the final project made from your jelly rolls. How disappointing to open it up and find it's not what you thought it would be. I really like the butterfly you made. I have a Bernina 180 and have made a few Christmas ornaments but need more practice. Thanks for stopping by my blog!