Saturday, 22 May 2010

Teddy's Basket

Sorry about the quality of these pictures. The light was not good! My sister is still not very well, so I decided to send her a little gift to cheer her up. These little baskets are so easy to make. Someone showed me how to make them over twenty years ago, and you can rattle one up in an evening! I have no idea where the original pattern came from, but I have tweaked it over the years. I did not make the teddy, but when i saw him in Kirkwall, I just had to buy him.
The basket is made of two circles of material and a circle of wadding. The centre of the circle is sewn with free motion quilting and the sections sewn in. The sections are then wadded lightly and the edge of the circles are joined, using a large zigzag. The basket is then formed by threading a strong cord through the zigzag stitches and tied in a knot. Lace is added and then a binding to cover the raw edges. Add a handle and it is ready to be filled with all sorts of goodies. Really easy and quick.

Thankful Thoughts
I don't have to say anything, do I?


  1. Cute basket and yummm those strawberries sure look good.

  2. Love the cute little basket....

  3. The basket is so cute. Sorry your sister is still feeling so poorly. Hang in there. I guess you can be thankful that you have your creative outlet to help you get through difficult times like this. It always helps me a bit.