Thursday, 1 July 2010

Dining Out

I wrote yesterday about the Lunch Club, we have on the island. There are about forty members, who are over fifty years old. We meet fortnightly, in the community room in the school. There we are served a two course meal and then we either get a speaker or play games like scrabble, or cards. The club also serves another purpose. A lot of the older residents do not go out a lot, but here they can meet friends,have a good meal and a good natter (gossip).

I did not get my book, (sigh), but I got two boxes and five packets in the post. Jeni, the lady who sent me goodies yesterday, wrote about me on one of the Australian newsgroups, so the two boxes were from people who read that post. There was some really cute Australian material and the other box held felt material and a huge amount of really wonderful craft goodies. And stamps!! I also got my first siggie block sent to me. Oh my! Something else to get involved in. There are definitely not enough hours in the day! Thanks go to Froma, Coral, RV, Carol B, Carol C, Edna and Mary Alice.
Till next time.


  1. Hello Rosemary, Pleased to hear you are enjoying the parcels. I also belong to Scquilters and have sent off my parcel for you today. Have enclosed some used stamps so I hope you can use them in your collections.
    Quilty hugs,
    Margaret A on the farm near Lismore NSW Australia

  2. Tich, I love that word..."natter!" Thanks for sharing your local colloquialisms.