Friday, 2 July 2010

Dear Jane Blocks

I was so tired last night, I managed to delete the pictures of the packages I received Yesterday. I decided to start again today. I did, however, manage to sew some blocks. I sewed M9 and M10 of the Dear Jane blocks on the machine. Elly had made an alternative tutorial for making M9 on her blog and Aunt Reen kindly sent me a list of blocks which do not require the book, as shown on That Quilt blog. You've guessed it. I still did not have the book or the rulers. (as of yesterday!)
Today was a different. The Dear Jane book and rulers came at last!! Oh, did I drool! I can at long last pick any pattern I want to sew.
I tried to work out where I would put selected colours, but I think that is going to be difficult. Anyway, I started on the centre block and decided to do it by machine.

As I said above, I deleted the photos of the packets, but I put all the material together, to show you the continuing kindness of patchworkers far and wide. The material on the right is from ladies in Australia! Every time I wash the material, iron it, or cut it to make a Dear Jane block, it reminds me just how fortunate I am to have such wonderful friends. Just look at this gorgeous card I received.

This is an actual mini quilt. The patches are less than 1cm, and sewn together. Gorgeous!!
Thank you so much Rosa (fourth time!!) Anita, Freda , Lynn, Carol, Hope and Trisha. Boy am I lucky.
Till next time.


  1. I am so glad that your DJ supplies finally arrived. It is so much easier to "see" what you are doing.
    Today was my prep day for 4 or 5 blocks, which I hope to get to this week.
    Hugs Sweetie,

  2. OH FANTASTIC! Your book has come!! Your first couple of blocks are looking great too ;)
    I chose to do TATW following the colours in the book... it helps a great deal not having to think about what colour of fabric to use... takes me long enough to figure the print to use ;) Hugs Elly

  3. I am so glad you have started. Your blocks look great. It is good the postman is being kind to you as well. Such funn to see. Jenni

  4. So much fun! I am going to start the Farmer's Wife quilt. Same idea as what you are doing, but different blocks. I would love to send you some fabric for your quilt if you'll send me your address!