Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Henhouse and Goodies

We decided we needed some more hens. We have a very posh henhouse for the older hens, but , of course, the old hens and the new hens cannot be mixed, so we had to get a new house. My husband decided he was going to build one, and then got a phone call from the supplier that the hens were going to be delivered in two days. Mr D did a fantastic job. On top is a picture of the henhouse without the nesting boxes attached. Notice the droppings board on the right hand side under the perches. I suggested that it might be a good idea to put in a waterproof membrane on the floor, to make it easier to clean. There is only a 14" space between the dropping board and the floor. Guess who was flat on her face pinning the sheet to the walls!!

But doesn't it look good?

This end has the pop hole, and those boxes containing the hens have just been delivered.

The hens inspecting their new home ...

and the perches.

I thought I would try the Dear Jane block G6. I quite like miniatures, but I did not do well today ...

The seams don't meet, and to add insult to injury, I put the the triangles round the wrong way! Anyway it is good practice.

I would like to thank Marie for this pretty piece of Civil War material, which the postie brought.

Thank you so much. It was really kind of you. I look forward to using it in the quilt.
Till next time.


  1. How many hens do you have all together now? we have never had chickens so don't get those fresh eggs.

    Keep practicing and the little blocks will get easier.


  2. Sorry ladies, I hit the REJECT button, instead of PUBLISH. Sorry about that. I have copied and pasted the comments below. Too much excitement. Read the newest post! BTW, Rosa, I keep a hammer beside my machine!

    WOW! Fabulous! Wish I could keep hens..by law says I'm not allowed in the town. Your new hens look great. Lots of lovely fresh eggs!! YUM!
    (Elly D) 07/07/10

    Sometimes a good hammer's all that's needed to make a DJ look better. *grin*
    Lovely hen house, BTW!!!
    (Rosa Robichaud) 06/07/10

    Just love your hen house!! (Barb) 06/07/10

  3. Tich, good practicing. Keep trying, it will come round. I love your henhouse. It would be tons of fun to keep hens, I think!