Wednesday, 14 July 2010

DJ G5 + Goodies

This is the latest DJ block, G5 'Poof'. I machine pieced the base, then hand appliquéd the shape on top.
This is how it actually looks. Do you think I should cut the base material away from behind the appliqué? Need some comments.
These are the goodies, which came today. Two lots of CW material, and some cowboy material and embroidery thread. Thank you so much Rosa, Sarma and Cynthia. I have had so many nice cards and well wishes. What lovely people I am getting to know. I am so lucky. Thank you all again.
Till next time,


  1. I like to cut away the back but some folk don't. It's just a matter of preference. However, bare in mind if you will wish to hand quilt in the middle of this block then the extra layer will make it more difficult. :) You block looks beautiful ;) hugs Ellyx

  2. I would leave the background fabric, as is.... my personal preference....

    Makes the quilt more solider - yes, I KNOW it's not a correct verb! ... and it makes the quilt heavier - I LOVE heavy quilts and it PROVES that you hand did it and it wasn't store bought! *VBG*

    Have you received any repeated fabrics yet?


  3. First of all - I LOVE this block!
    The fabrics and your stitching are gorgeous!

    My advice would be to cut away the back base fabric. I do this with my applique blocks so that they will quilt up easier and less chance of fabric "see thru" that may occur with age or washings. (just my personal choice)

  4. I would cut away the backside. I don't like how you can see the white stripes behind the shape. Takes some of the mystery out of it, I think!

  5. I am starting a Dear Jane quilt this fall - I have to wait until the grandchildren have come and gone over the summer. I suppose the purists would tell you to trim away the background, my personal opinion would be to leave it alone. The blocks are so small I'd be afraid that it would become skewed.

  6. The lovely piece bottom right hand corner , I got the exact same one today , from BC. To say I was surprised beyond belief, as to how this kind lady got my address. And the material is gorgeous. You and I are blessed Rosemary, It stretched from one Island on top of the world to the Island on the bottom. Cute Jenni

  7. OOPS well done on the DEar Jane too looks lovley Jen

  8. That looks like one hard block to do...but you did it well...

  9. I admire anyone doing the Dear Jane blocks as they are lovely! I usually don't like to cut away the back side but in this case I think I would. Easier to quilt and no "show through". Again, very nice!

  10. Tich, I think I would carefully cut out the back of the applique. I agree that the "show through" is troubling and would want it removed. :-)

    Best, Stephanie