Sunday, 18 July 2010

Huge Apology!

I won this giveaway from I Have a Notion. Due to the upset of my sister dying, the excitement of receiving so many packages of Civil War material from around the world and my daughter's advanced pregnancy, I did not blog about it. I feel really bad about this. Kelly Jackson from
I Have a Notion is such a nice person. She is such a caring lady, looks after her customers so well and writes a great blog. If you you read a lot of Patchwork blogs, you will notice that more and more bloggers are talking about buying their notions from IHAN and saying how good the service is.

The pattern is wonderful. It is from Aardvark Quilts. The picture below shows Pam Goecke Dinndorf, the designer from Aardvark and Kelly Jackson from IHAN.
The pattern is called 'Paperweight'. and is actually autographed!! Gosh, I am so lucky!! I am going to have fun with this one! To help me out, and so that I don't have to grovel too much to Kelly, please go over to 'I Have a Notion' and have a look at what Kelly is doing. Her business is wonderful and so is Kelly!!)

Thankful Thoughts
How can you not be thankful/grateful/full of wonder, when you see new life coming into the world. Last week I became a Granny again, and I now have a new granddaughter called Annabelle Dorothy. Her Mum and Dad chose these names because -
Annabelle - popular in Scotland in the 12th century.
Anne - Hebrew for 'God has favoured me'
Belle - Beautiful
Dorothy (Doreen, Ron's Mum) Greek - 'Gift of God'. Dorothy is also the the name of both my Mum and my husband's Mum, so all the Mum's are covered.

If you look carefully at the first picture below, you will see new members of the family here. One of our hens went broody, and rather than using the incubator, we put some duck eggs under her, and, so far, we have two wee ducklings. They are shut in, so that the crows and the seagulls can't get at them. Aren't they gorgeous?
Till next time.


  1. Oh Wow new babies are such fun , Human or animal, or bird. It is great to watch them develop into the way they are meant to be. Looks like Mother hen is not a happy chook. Having her baby disturbed. I wonder if they see the differnce in their ofspring? Not looking chicken like. I have always wondered. Or does mother love take over completely and no one cares?

  2. I am sorry about the passing of your sister....I know that leaves a void in your life.

    But when death also comes now have a beautiful grandbaby (which I am very jealous of)....and your sisters lives on.

  3. Love the new baby's name...partial to the name Anne as that is our oldest daughter's name. You will have fun with that pattern I am sure.

  4. These ducklings are soooo cute Rosemary :)

  5. I just love your Grand-daughter's name - it's really beautiful!

    What precious little ducklings - how cute!

  6. Hi Rosemary! Lots of new life on your island. Congratulations on your baby granddaughter! And how sweet that a chicken is sitting on duck eggs.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  7. Wow! Sounds like you've had lots of fun and excitement at your place. Glad things are looking up for you.

  8. Wonderful new name for a lovely new baby !!! Love the blog - it must be strange living in such isolation. Coming from London it sounds quite scary to me. Love to Annabelle from Annabelle!