Thursday, 11 November 2010

More Gales and DJ

Well the weather forecasters were correct. The gales and the torrential rain arrived during the night, and it is a grey, dreich day. My husband went out first thing to feed the animals. I have been helping him the last few days, as he tripped over a box on Sunday and has possibly broken his toe. He has managed to hobble about, but yesterday was feeling a lot better, so he told me to stay warm and dry today. I think it is just as well I did. He said he was nearly bowled over with the wind at one point. He is a BIG man, so I probably would have been taking flying lessons!!

Above is A7 - Dad's Plaids. I notice in the DJ book that Jane made the wedge shapes a lot smaller. I do not like them hitting the seam line, as in the pattern and as above, so I think I will redo this one later. By the time I have finished this quilt I am going to have so many reject blocks, I will be able to supply the island with pot holders for the rest of my life!

Thankful Thoughts

Just look what Rosa sent me! Aren't those laces fantastic? I love colourful (!!!!) socks, so the laces colour co-ordinate beautifully! Thanks Rosa!
Till next time.


  1. I think your block looks fantastic!

  2. The storms really sounded wild. Do you ever get tornadoes? Your DJ blocks are cute - how big are they?