Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Thunder and Lightning, Dyeing and DJ!

Here's me saying I am going to blog regularly, and we had the mother of all storms last week. The lightning was spectacular, with big balls of light hanging in the sky, and the thunder was tremendous. You can tell I like these kind of storms!! I ran in and switched off the computers and watched from the window. Unfortunately some people on the island were not so speedy, and their computers were fried. The broadband was not affected, but a lot of the phones went dead, including the ones at the Post Office and the surgery. The storm affected everybody differently. I could not get into my emails. The broadband speed seemed to be all right, but downloading anything took all night. It gradually restored itself over a number of days, and now seems back to normal, but it was sooo frustrating not being able to read my emails, and I had so many to read, when it was restored. I have just about caught up.

We have had really bad gales and torrential rain on and off since then. Sunday was particularly bad, with the waves being lashed over the road and into the fields. Orkney weather can be really amazing, with every type of weather in the one day!! I managed to get this picture of a seal swimming near our pole one morning last week.

I did some more KoolAid dyeing and sent some to Rosa for fun.

I also have been sewing some DJ blocks, so I will show them over the next few days - This is M12 -Hopscotch.

This is not a very good picture, a bit out of focus and the lighting is off - will try better next time!

Thankful Thoughts
We are going to have gales again tomorrow. The isobars are so close together, it is going to be wild. Today, on the other hand, was calm, with only a couple of showers. I took this picture this morning. No wonder I love living here!

Till next time.


  1. That last picture is so beautiful! I really love a good, rip roaring thunderstorm. Those sound a little scary. Glad you are okay. Stay safe! At least you can justify staying inside and sewing!

  2. That sounds like some storm. I just hate the storms here in Amerika Samoa... Glad you are back online.

    That kool-aide dye sounds interesting.

  3. No wonder you love living there! It is so beautiful! Even though it must be quite scary when the storms get up and the water comes in!

  4. I have been checking out the pics. It does look lovely there. We have always wanted to visit the Orkney Islands. Donegal County where we live is very wild and beautiful too, and it does remind me of our area.