Tuesday, 25 January 2011

D of E and Plonk!

After the last time, making loads of teddies as part of the Duke of Edinburgh scheme (see here), I swore I was not getting involved again. I got my arm twisted, a new participant, who is a sweetie, and this time I am showing her how to make soft toys (but definitely no knitted teddies!) She has done a (very) little sewing, so we are starting off simple and going from there. I thought we would start with this -
 I found it on the Net here, - and I made the bunny for next week.
The girl's brothers and sisters will have fun playing with the puppets, and I can pop an Easter egg inside and send them to my granddaughters for Easter.
I have also been busy bottling. Now and again I take a notion to make wine. I fill a demijohn and then forget about it. I found two very dusty demijohns the other day and thought I would see how they were doing. One was made from herb tea bags and was a light, tasty wine. The other one had no label, but had a kick like a mule! I think it is elderberry, but who cares? It tastes good - HIC!!
Till next time.


  1. What are demijohns?

    See? I'm a REALLY curious person!



  2. Great little finger puppets.

    The wine sounds good. What time should I come over?

  3. Looks like you have been busy - I also don't know what demijohns are.