Thursday, 27 January 2011

Postal Services

Caption reads -      Falling in love is easy
                             but staying in love
                          is something very special (Anon)

I got this card today from my very special friend, Rosa.
She sent it when she read my post about being married for forty years. I did not know she sent it, but I got an email from her on the 17th January, asking if I had moved. The Canadian postal services stated that there was no such address, and the card was returned to her. Rosa asked me to write an email to her, saying where we lived, so that she could take it into the PO. I said that there had been a house on this piece of land since the 1700s and that we had a document to prove it. I also stated that Sanday was well known by the Vikings, and that we even have our own Viking burial! She took my email into the PO, and they agreed they had made a mistake. They would send the card in an Express envelope, costing $57, and that they would pay it. The card would arrive in 5-6 days. The card took 10 days to come. Doesn't say much for Express Delivery .........................BUT....................
the card is beautiful, and I agree with the sentiments completely! Thank you Rosa!!
Till next time


  1. You're right... the saying on the card is very nice.. it's just the "look" on that couple that I found rather funny.


    Glad you enjoyed your no-cost, yet "expensive-to-mail" thing... *s*


  2. How thoughtful! I love that card!