Saturday, 8 January 2011

New BOM and Catch Up (Photo Heavy)

Well I tried very hard, but I couldn't resist the free BOM on Dawn Hay's blog, 'As Sweet As Cinnamon'. I know the BOM is finished, and the blocks were supposed to be sewn for Christmas, but I have got eleven months to do it, right? I am always behind, 'like the coo's tail!' I love hexagons, especially small ones, and I really enjoy tacking the papers to the material. It is so relaxing. This time, however, I used a different technique. I used a glue stick, to stick the paper to the material and then tiny dots of Roxanne's Glue Baste It, to turn down the material. I did not put any Baste It glue on the paper, only glued the material to itself. The hexagons are made into florettes, these  are appliqued to a background fabric and then embroidered. As I knew I would be using a blue washable pen to mark the embroidery design, and the whole thing would have to be washed, I had no reservations about using the glue. I will give you updates, as I progress.

Because I left the post about the giveaway subscription up for so long, to give everybody a chance at winning, I did not show you the pictures of our snow in December. I know some of you will laugh, as it is not very deep, but for our island it lasted way longer than usual. The road men did a wonderful job keeping the roads clear, and one morning I saw the lorry pass just after 6am, so 'Well Done!' to them. Mr D and I went a walk one beautiful day and here are some of the pics.

The beginnings of a beautiful sunrise.

Our house from the side of the bay. There are two walls and a road between us and the front of the bay, so you can't see the snow.
The landscape.
The edges of the bay have frozen, and if it was not tidal, the whole bay would have been frozen over!
That is our house on the left of the picture with the frozen bay in the foreground.
Walking on the headland.
Where the bay met the land. The tide is pulling the ice away. Now I know how the Titanic felt!!
When we got to the top of the headland we saw...

I tried to get better pictures, but the seals kept on putting their heads down, as I clicked!

Hope you enjoyed our snow!!
Till next time.


  1. How exciting to see the seals! Can't wait to see the finished project!

  2. Oh your pictures of your island are so beautiful. What a wonderful place to live!

  3. OMG! Rosemary, I love where you live! I don't think I could take the winters though...LOL!
    I have lived in South Florida so long that when the cold came this year I was thinking of moving to Puerto Rico.

  4. I've been a "silent" reader from time to time, but now I want to say a little hello...seeing your pictures of your island with snow. I only know Scotland from summer holidays and so it's quite unusual for me to see the countryside in a different, wintery way. But it looks beautiful too :-) !! You live in a wonderful place!
    Greetings from Switzerland,

  5. Oh Rosemary! I love seeing the photos of the island. What a joy to live are so fortunate!

    I find I cannot resist things from time to time too. But the point is to enjoy even if you do not keep up the time schedule. I have never done hexagons with glue. I will be interested to hear if you liked it better that way.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  6. Oh Rosemary, just popped over for a visit and saw these wonderful pictures. What a gorgeous place you live. Remote but gorgeous :) Inspite of the cold we do live in a wonderful place eh? You've done really great with your hexagon blocks :) You're well ahead of me... Mine are languishing in a box. Hope everything went well this evening :)