Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Harrington and Hannah

You can tell I was really taken with the Raspbery Rabbit BOM that I talked about in my last post. I got all the pieces cut out of the lovely wool my nice friend sent from Canada. I do not usually follow a pattern exactly, and this project was no exception. I buttonhole stitched the pieces down, using my Bernina, embroidered a whipped backstitch for the arms and made sure I stitched crookedly on his nose - whoever heard of a snowman with a straight carrot nose? I added red beads to the French knots for the Holly,  more red beads on top of the snowman's heart and bright blue french knots for my rabbits. I really enjoyed this block.

We have had a couple of really nice days, quite cool, but the sun is shining!! I went for a walk yesterday along the track to another beach. Here is what I saw, when I got to the top of the dunes -

Usually this beach does not have any seaweed on it (or people). There must have been a storm out at sea.
Till next time.


  1. WOW! You made a grand job of your block Rosemary :)
    I've yet to start mine.
    Those beaches look wonderful!! It is so flat there!

  2. Great photos of your beach and love the applique.

  3. Rosemary... you did an incredible job with your block!

    Did I mention that I'm starting to envy your little island?!?!? *grin*