Sunday, 5 February 2012

Lookie, Lookie!!

I have often said how wonderful the worldwide blogging community is. I have made such wonderful friends, loving supportive and funny. Look what I got from two such lovely friends, one in Canada and the other in America -

These are pieces of wool to help me make the first block of the BOM from the Raspberry Rabbits It is a really cute block and I can't wait to get going.

My next parcel contained this little beauty with a card about friendship (it is up on my mantelpiece, so no picture!)
Isn't this absolutely gorgeous!! The crochet is so neat, and the colour is just right for my lounge. It is too nice to be hidden under a mug, so it is on proud display, where everyone will see it, along with another one I received a wee while ago. I am really blessed to have two such nice friends. They are always there.

We had torrential rain,yesterday, but I mustn't complain, because the rest of Britain is under inches of snow. The sun is actually shining, between the showers. The picture below was taken two days ago. I rushed out to get it, as we seem to have had rain for months, with the island having flooding in places never flooded before.
Sunrise on the Peedie Sea - tide out.

I am away to cut out a block .
Till next time.


  1. Just happy that my little gifty arrived there safely...

    Oh.... Here's what WE say, when we get rain.

    "At least you don't have to shovel it!"

    That's been overheard, even in the SUMMER! LOL


  2. Shovel it!! It is nearly over the top of our wellies! Our geese have their own private swimming pool in their field.

  3. Beautiful ocean photo - just got back from Hawaii where we spent a lot of time looking at the ocean. Not too many views of "big water" in Nebraska!

  4. How nice! What wonderful friends you have. I'm in Florida visiting my dad and helping him after some surgery. Poured down rain today. So much for my escape to better weather!