Thursday, 7 March 2013

Giveaway - Again!!

Well, I must have done something right the last time, as Fons & Porter asked me to review another e-book on quiltmaking. This time, the e-book is about modern quilts, and although smaller than the last e-book, this one has three, absolutely beautiful, modern quilts to make. Modern quilts - what does that mean? I had visions of grotesque colours and unsewn seams, but I could not have been more wrong!! The e-book says that modern quilts are -

'notable for their minimalist aesthetic, use of bright, bold
colors with large doses of white and other neutral solids,
asymmetrical designs, and free-form piecing. These quilts
are meant to be fun to make, and comfy to use.'
Thank goodness I did not have to choose which pictures to select to show you, (all the quilts can be seen on the cover) because I would not have been able to choose between them! I raved about the last 
e-book, but this one is equally as good.

Readers of this blog will know that I love traditional patterns, but I think I have been converted! I cannot make up my mind which one I like best - or which one I am going to make first - you will notice I said make!! Baubles and Beads is a bright, cheerful quilt, with lots of lovely pastels and white - a beautiful combination. Rainbow Rhythm is made from half square triangle with a black border and is outstanding and Lemon Squeezy uses a quilt-as-you-go method to make an easy, vibrant, eye-catching quilt. 

The great news is that Fons & Porter are letting you all have access to this book again. Aren't they wonderful? I can't thank them enough for letting me have the opportunity to review such a great e-book and also for you to get this book free, Go on!! Click HERE and get going!!

(This post should have gone out at the beginning of the week, but I had to go over for an emergency appointment at the dentist to get an abscess drained - sorry!)
Till next time.

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  1. Hope the tooth is better now - sound rather painful.