Sunday, 3 March 2013


Normally our beach is beautiful. I walk round by the road, or across the bay, depending on whether the tide is in or out, and I never know what surprise is awaiting me. If the tide is out, I can see the sand stretching into the distance, begging me to walk along it. 

Frequently I find a really beautiful stone. This one had particularly nice markings. There was a circle on the face and underneath, but in different positions. I might find an unusual shell, or a beautiful piece of seaweed, and sometimes, if there has been rough weather, some tangles (a type of seaweed) may have been uprooted at sea and swept to shore. 

Our dog likes investigating the seaweed. It must be the smell!!

Recently, I have never seen the beech covered with so much weed. It was like someone had been trying to build walls and passageways. 

Look how high the tangles are beside the dunes.

Look how small Penny is beside the tangles! 

Notice the stones at the bottom of the dunes. They are flung up there during the storms. On other beaches I have seen them totally covering the dunes, but not on this beach.

Now I have told you before, that, in Orkney, the weather changes very swiftly, sometimes three and four times a day, and it is the same with the beaches. I thought it would take ages for the tide to take away the seaweed, as we were having really nice weather, but a few days later ... 

... it was almost clear... but then the next day...

... it was back again.

Sometimes the seaweed is swept up the beech and then the wind sweeps on top of it, to make it look as if it is growing there right in the middle of the beech. I know i have been rambling...


As well as seaweed, the sea brings in the flotsam and jetsam that people discard without thought.
 A brush...
 and shovel,
 a crate lid,
 one right handed glove,
 one right handed glove,
 loads of litter,
 one left handed glove - a pair, who would have thought,

a creel,
 the dashboard of a car (!!!!) and...
would you believe it, one shoe!! How could you lose one shoe??? In the picture below you can see my husband going to look at a crate. He uses them to keep the plant pots close together, so that they don't blow away!

 We really do need to think what we are doing. Our beaches are not too bad, but I would like you all to look a this trailer of a film coming out later on -


Till next time.

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  1. That's a powerful film...What are we doing to our world?!