Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Super Summer Sale Headsup!!

No, I haven't changed my name or my header, I just wanted you to know about a great sale over at Raspberry Rabbits. Let me say right away that I have no affiliation with Michelle May, the owner of this wonderful site. I have been working on the free BOM 'Harrington and Hannah' for a loooong time, but I am getting there. The free blocks are here for the BOM, but make sure you copy them soon, as they are due to disappear! There are also more, really nice, free designs, so have a look. I thought I was in some small way giving payback for these wonderful designs, by advertising the sale to all my friends and readers. All you have to do is spend $25, and you will get a 20% discount. My Scottish blood is singing. I couldn't miss such an opportunity!!

Look at this wonderful design - you can buy either the pattern or the kit -

-and this one is the same!
There is a wonderful selection of bargain materials -

-and the colours of the hand-dyed Valdani threads are to die for!!

There is a good selection on supplies, but I must admit my favourites are the wools. They just look scrummy!! I can see a few wooly crafts appearing on the horizon! Fun! Fun! Fun!

Hope you will hop over to Raspberry Rabbits (no pun intended) and have a browse. Michelle is a lovely lady and she also has a great blog.
Till next time.
tich xx

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