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Monday, 15 March 2010

Bernina Tip

As you all know, I love my Bernina 630E, 'Loopy Locket', shown here with the embroidery module attached. I use it almost every day, sometimes only for a couple of hours, but she and I are getting to know each other a bit better.

I bought a straight stitch plate, a while ago, but when I was changing it, I managed to break off one of the lugs on the back side of the plate. I couldn't believe it, as I am so careful with the machine. I phoned up my dealer, who is 280 miles away, and I received a new lug in the post. I also managed to include a smaller embroidery hoop as well in the order (a very late Christmas present!). It was really easy to put on the new lug. The assistant, who is a marvel on the machine, said she had done the exact thing, and in future, when I am changing plates, I HAVE TO LOWER THE FEED DOGS. It works like a charm. It is much easier to get the plate on, and I no longer worry about breaking anything. Thank you, David Drummond, Edinburgh. You have saved the day again!!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Flower Clasps

I have been having fun making these clasps for my granddaughters. They love pretty things for their hair, so when I saw a tutorial on this site here, I got going. Arlette's blog has a lot of great tutorials, and I am definitely going to have a go at some of the pincushions. I love pincushions, but find that my pins go rusty in them, as we are so close to the sea. Back to the clasps. They are really easy to make. I was not concentrating, when I made the first blue gingham pins, and kept on folding. As you can see below, they are more like daisies than flowers, but they will still be appreciated.

These are more what the clasps should look like. Arlette sent me a nice email, giving permission for me to link to her blog.
I bought this quarter inch foot, or should I say my husband bought this for me, along with another hoop, for Loopy Locket, my 630E Bernina. I have been having a bit of trouble getting my points to meet, and I thought this might help. I now have perfect quarter inch seams, but some of my points are still not perfect. Anybody got any tips? I am a perfectionist, when it comes to patchwork, and try to keep things just so (or sew?)

I realise I have not been indicating when I have updated my 100+ Reading Book Challenge, so I will put a link in the blog, when I have completed more books. (here)

Thankful Thoughts
My sister has come through her operation. They could not get all the tumor, but she starts radiotherapy soon. Thank You! Thank you to all the nice wishes that have also been sent from blogland!
Doesn't the sun make all the difference to how you feel? We have had a period of really lousy weather. Long, dark, murky days, with lots of rain. Then we had a few unexpected days, when the snow fell and actually stayed. But suddenly we woke up one day and the sun was shining. There was no wind, and the bay was absolutely calm, just like a mirror. Glorious!
Till next time.