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Monday, 4 July 2011

Videos and Apology

I thought you would like to see one of our sheep and the ram being shorn by one of our friends. Ian is in great demand to shear the sheep on the island. We were given these sheep last year as 'caddy lambs'. A caddy lamb is a lamb that has been rejected by its mother, or the sheep has had a multiple birth and cannot cope with all the mouths to feed. We (or should I say my husband) hand reared the lambs. The ram was supposed to have been 'done', but he grew into an imposing beast and fathered twin lambs this year! One of the twins was rejected, so we started hand feeding again, and got some more caddy lambs for company.

I am sorry I have been off Blogger for so long. My patchwork friend Pat died recently. I have known Pat for more than thirty five years. She was like a second Mum to me and was a great support when my own lovely Mum died. She was great fun, a fantastic sewer,  a font of knowledge and I loved her dearly. She will be sadly missed.

My father-in-law also died two weeks ago. He was suffering with Alzheimer's, and came to live with us before it was properly diagnosed. Unfortunately he did not like living in Orkney, as he had lived in Glasgow for sixty years, and missed the hustle and bustle of city life (if we get two cars in a row, it is a traffic jam!) Dad was an extremely intelligent man, who helped and cared for people throughout his life. He will be sadly missed as well.

Sorry this has been a sad post, but things are definitely more cheerful now. We have new lambs, ducklings and goslings, I have been out in the studio and the sun is shining. What more can you ask for?
Till next time.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Free Patterns and BOMs

As a pay back for all the good luck I am having, I thought I would list some blogs that have some free patterns or BOMs.

One of my favourite blogs for applique is Erin Russek's One Piece at a Time It is such a good site, with loads of tutorials and videos on how Erin does her beautiful work. She has the patterns for her Floribunda BOM up until tomorrow. Sorry for the short notice . I tried to tell you about this before, but I managed to delete the post! The BOM is absolutely gorgeous, so go over and have a look.

Elly told me about the next site. The Temecula Quilt Co are giving patterns for the Twelve Days of Christmas, one each day. They are now on Day Ten. the patterns were inspired loosely on a quilt from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

At All People Quilt, you can sign up for a weekly newsletter, and get loads of patterns and ideas direct to your desktop. The site is enormous with lots of eye candy.

I love Ellie's Quiltplace, and especially the Cat Quilt BOS. There are also a lot of other free patterns. This site is really inspiring and I like it a lot.

Bunny Hill Designs has the most beautiful designs and there is going to be a new BOM called 'Henrietta Whiskers' coming tomorrow, I think.

There is a new BOM at Little Miss Shabby with embroidery and piecing. It looks really cute!

Dawn, at Sweet As Cinnamon is designing a really wonderful BOM called 'Out of the Box', which will use all sorts of lace, bits and bobs. There are 72 deigns, eight each month. It starts tomorrow, so get over there to get the all the gen!!

Hope you enjoy these sites. I will do this occasionally, as it is fun to pass it on.
Till next time.

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Happy New Year (when it comes!)

Happy New Year and
Lang May Yer Lum Reek!!