Sunday, 25 March 2012


When people ask me what my hobbies are, I immediately say patchwork, then beading and finally spinning/dyeing. Recently my granddaughter asked me for some pictures of our sheep for a school project, and I realised just how involved I am with them.
This is the first lamb born last year. The ewe had twins, but she rejected the second lamb, which was very weak, so my husband bottle-fed it.
Our ram was also hand-reared by my husband. The sheep are really friendly, and always come over to see what you are doing.
 I got given this fleece by one of the islanders. It is a Jacob/Suffolk cross. In the picture above part of the fleece has been washed and then it is carded on a drum 
The carded wool feels so soft, after it is taken off the drum carder. It can be spun on the spinning wheel. or felted.
 This is actually a felted bag shape (below), but I did not like it, so I cut a bit off, so that I can make a clutch bag out of it. I intend to embroider the flap.

 I also made some felted balls. One of them is embroidered and another has various types of material and thread embedded in it. I want to experiment more with these. 
 Remember last year I experimented a lot with Kool Aid and a crock pot and got some interesting results.?
 My granddaughters using a diz, so that it is nice and easy to spin.
 A variety of colours for selling.
 This year I have started experimenting with natural dyes, and I have organised a dyeing workshop to take place in June, with the tutor coming from another island. It should be great fun. 
I am amazed just how involved I have become with wool. Now I will just have to learn how to feed the sheep and it will be a full circle (and also please my husband no end!)
Till next time.