Thursday, 27 June 2013


Oh these crochet triangles are so nice - I can't stop making them. I am going to hang these up in my studio, when I start using it again. Perhaps I will just go and hook another triangle!
Till next time.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Claiming My Blog

  I kept on putting off 'Claiming My Blog' in Bloglovin', but this is it done and it was so easy. Procrastinator, that is me. If anybody needs help, just holler!
Till next time.

Monday, 17 June 2013


Oh I am so bad!! This is the year of finishing up projects, but I have started TWO new ones this month!! I am still sewing Shh - you know what, but I got a book out of the library on unusual crochet blocks, and then read Attic 24's article on making crochet banners, and I just had to have a go!! 

I adapted both patterns (in other words I made up my own!!)

I have been wanting to make a banner to show my support for Scottish Independence...

... and I had seen a lot of yarn bombing, which looked great fun!! 

I thought I would yarn bomb the fence on the field next to our house...

...but I would have to put some weight at the bottom of the pennants, as we get so much wind, ...

 ... so I sewed on some beads in the appropriate colour...
... and I made a banner in the middle ...
... and a flower to represent the Flower of Scotland (the song!) ... 
... sewed them together... 
 ... in the colours representing the Scottish flag...
... YES!! 
I couldn't quite get a picture of it altogether ... 
... (excuse the feet and jeans!) ...
My husband said it was too nice to go on the fence, where it would get extremely dirty, so .... 
... I hung it in our conservatory.! 
It is quite small, ... 
... but next year there will be a larger one!!!
YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!! 
Till next time.

Monday, 10 June 2013

I Spy What and Bloglovin'

What do I spy?
I spy beautiful materials.
I spy beautiful materials with wonderful patterns on them. 
But does anybody recognise them? 
 I spy beautiful materials with wonderful patterns on them, which were sent to me by equally wonderful ladies from all over the world. These materials were sent to me when my sister died. The colours excited me, the patterns made me smile and the love and concern from ladies I hardly knew uplifted my heart and consoled me in my sadness. 

I decided that these materials would be kept for a special project. I did not know what, back then, but I knew I would need them for a SPECIAL project in the future. That project has arrived!! I am having so much fun, and despite my jaw still being a bit off, I have started sewing a little , and I am smiling at the wacky patterns and the gorgeous colours. What am I making? WAIT AND SEE!!!!

I am LOVIN' BLOGLOVIN'. I read on some of the blogs I follow, that a lot of people do not like it, as they cannot leave comments on the blogs or follow live links. I had the same problem when I started, and was getting really frustrated. I couldn't believe that the software developers would develop an app with such a fundamental fault. I started playing about and found that the developers were not as daft as I thought. It was me that was daft!! To leave a comment on a blog that you are reading on Bloglovin', click the cross on the right hand side of the Bloglovin's taskbar at top of the page. This takes you immediately to the blog itself, and you can comment and link no bother! I have kept up with all the blogs I read, and I don't get overwhelmed with posts I have missed. I LOVE BLOGLOVIN'.

Till next time.