Friday, 26 April 2013


My bloggie friend, Lynn, had pictures of a bunch of red tulips on her blog and I was envious. When I saw these pink beauties, I just had to have them. I love tulips! They are so smooth and perfect, when they are new, and when they get older, their colour changes and they get wild and wacky. Hope this happens to me as I get older!! Who said it is already happening to my hair?!!? 

I have not been well for nearly three weeks and the tulips really cheered me up. I had a really restricted diet and was not even allowed a glass of wine on my birthday two weeks ago, but the tulips kept me smiling! They lasted ages, but started eventually to fade in colour. They did go a wee bit wacky, but perhaps they felt as subdued as I did. The photograph below was taken looking down on the flowers. The colours, which do not show, were glorious.

My husband, who has been an absolute angel these past three weeks has promised he will take me out for a slap up meal when I am back to eating normally. Yum!
Till next time

Monday, 8 April 2013


I didn't realise I could speak so many languages!
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Friday, 5 April 2013


A little bit of progress. This little quilt has been sulking in a corner, as I have been trying to make up my mind what kind of wadding to use, when I go to quilt it. It is a bit crushed and forlorn looking. Hopefully it will look a bit better soon!
Till next time.