Wednesday, 22 May 2013


As a few of you will know I have been having problems with my jaw and face for the last six weeks and have been sitting around not doing much.... but I did manage to read the above books (I am now just going on to read book six in the series) I do not like sitting doing nothing, so I decided to dig out a UFO. I knew it would have to be a very small project, as I could not concentrate for long. 

I don't think I could have found a smaller project!

This project was in a poly bag in the corner of my UFO drawer and had been there for AT LEAST seven years!!

I do not know where I saw the original design, but I do know the blocks were HUGE, at least 10 inches in height.

I like my blocks to be small....

... the smaller the better, so I redrew the block to 2.5 inches and the depth of the tulip head is 1 inch.

I must have been mad!! Look at the size of those corner triangles!! They are only 1/4inch long! And I must have been having a really bad cutting-out day, as all my seam allowances are dreadful!!

I only had three tulips to sew to finish, and all the material and templates were there, so I got going. I wanted the quilt to look like a garden, so once I had the tulips sewn togethar, I sashed them to make it look like paths between the flowers, and then sewed on green borders.

I then drew out the quilting design on a piece of paper. I wanted it to look like a snail was wandering round the garden - you can see him in the picture - sorry Blogger will not let me turn it the proper way. I was concentrating (or trying to) so hard to get the stitches even that I forgot to include the poor wee thing!

You can see a close up of the design above.

I don't usually use blue wash-out pens or purple fade-away pens for marking quilts, but this time I was going for the easy option. I used the blue wash-out pen, because I knew I would be washing the quilt immediately after I finished it. 

I washed it carefully and then soaked up the excess water from the quilt in a towel.

I decided to pin and block the small quilt just to see if it improved the look of the quilt, so I left it on the floor of the conservatory, where it gets nice and warm, when the sun is shining. When it was dry, I took out the pins and had a good look at it!



The red material leeched into the surrounding material!! I ALWAYS wash my material, when I bring them home, so I do not understand how this happened! the above photograph doesn't look too bad, but that is after I did this -

I put some stain removal on it and it did make a difference. I washed it again and reblocked and redried it, and this is the result -

I am a bit sad it is not perfect (and neither is my quilting), but it is one UFO off the list.
Till next time.

Friday, 3 May 2013


I said in my last post that I had not been well for a while. Things are improving slowly, but I still can't chew. I keep on fantasising about a crispy roll and butter, or even a piece of bread, butter and marmalade. Who said I had sophisticated tastes?

Not much has been done on the creative side also. I get tired really easily, but I did start a bead pattern that I designed and also dug out a mini quilt, which has been a UFO for years. Pictures, perhaps, next time. 

I managed to get really behind in my blog reading. I had been using Google Reader, but went back to using the old-fashioned way of clicking on the blog and getting stuck in. On one of the blogs, the lady was bemoaning the fact that Google Reader was going, but gave a link to a new one - Bloglovin. It is so easy to use, and you can transfer your Google Reader blogs as easy as pie. If you want to  a look, go to this link -

I have had great fun catching up on all my bloggie friends. Hopefully I won't get behind again.
Till next time.